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Till next year NOLA

Another year, another Mardi Gras. Our weekend was filled with fun, laughter, great friends, great food, and lots of beads. The energy around this event in NOLA is something I wish for everyone to experience at least once in their life. 

So how’d I do with food? Pretty good I think. It was a definite improvement from last year so hopefully next year will be even better. 

I was able to find a vegan spot a mile from our hotel using the Happy Cow app (if you don’t have this yet- you need it ASAP!) we went there for breakfast the day of the Extravaganza so that I could get some food to go as well for the evening. We had a little of everything, as usual. Nuevos Rancheros, Artichoke cakes, a blended juice with beets, carrots, apples, lemon and ginger, and of course- beignets. Everything was amazing! The artichoke cakes could be served as crab cakes and I’m not sure someone would know the difference. After confirmation it was good- we put in our to go order. Nachos with walnut taco crumble, chickpea salad sandwich, and hummus. The idea was to bring this to the party so I had food to eat there- it almost made it. We ate it all in the room while putting our dresses on- oops. Mission accomplished though! At the extravaganza all I had to eat was some white rice and carrots- but I was so full it didn’t really matter. So I focused on my cocktails and dancing the night away….

The next morning I was HUNGRY! We all met at my favorite NOLA spot- Red Gravy. Not vegan friendly, no substitutions, always crowded Red Gravy. Amazingly- it’s still my favorite spot here. Her food is to die for! I immediately ordered a coffee, mimosa, and bread and gravy for the table. I then had the eggplant parm sandwich- hold the cheese. Lunch for breakfast? This is something I’ve learned to do often while traveling now. Especially if I don’t just want a plate of fruit. We spent the day walking around and had lunch in a pub. Here I ordered their BLT hold the bacon, hold the cheese, hold the mayo. I wish I had a camera for the look I got. I ended up with a toasted bun with basil, tomato, romaine hearts and balsamic- and it was delicious. Creativity? ✔️

By the time Sunday night arrived I was in a place that I was eating but never satisfied. I was managing but still hungry. We were watching the super bowl at a bar and their menu was challenging- but not as challenging as their kitchen if you know what I mean…. So we left. We walked down the block to a restaurant that you typically can’t get into but because of the parade- we got in. August is a white linen, foi gras serving kinda of place. Beautiful and fancy even though I hate places that serve foi gras- it’s just SO cruel. ANYWAY after scoping the menu I saw some potential and naturally it was on the $200 per person tasting menu. So for the first time all weekend- I asked the server for help. He knew exactly what vegan was and just how to help me. I gave the chef full control on my entree and requested the Brussel sprout salad veganized to start. I knew in this place no matter what the chef made me that I’d love it- and I was right. First he sent out a brûlée pear slice, then my Brussel sprout salad with cranberry chutney, and then my entree which was butternut squash, mushrooms, chipolini onions, and some sauce- and as expected- it was amazing. I was finally satisfied thanks to our amazing friends that I feel so blessed to have in my life. 

With a few scattered green salads and slices of pizza I survived. Although pizza is the one thing I allow myself I got a stomach ache every time I snuck a slice. Next year I will try and eliminate that as well. 

So goodbye NOLA and goodbye Mardi Gras until 2017. Thanks for the new memories, laughs, and great food! 



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