Food and Treats

Having two dogs proved to be much more challenging than just one. We would find a food and one would like it but not the other. We played this game for months until we finally landed on our current food.


Natural Balance– This is the food we currently use and have been for months. The vegetarian formula is actually vegan and it works with Lola’s allergies. Both girls LOVE this food and devour it when fed. They get the dry formula in the morning and canned at night.

V-Dog– This is a great food that is highly recommended. We started with this food but unfortunately Lola’s allergies didn’t make this a good solution for us. The girls liked it, but didn’t love it. The did however love the bones!


Amazon is a great resource for this. Simply search for “Vegan Dog Treats” and you will get a bunch of options. I suggest reading all ingredients. Our rule is if we cant pronounce it we don’t eat it, not us or our dogs. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sams Yams– The girls LOVE these! Sometimes I buy them the Big Boyz so they last a little longer. These products are simple and clean! I buy these on Amazon. (Don’t forget to shop through Amazon Smile to help donate to a shelter or sanctuary of your choice)

Max & Ruffy’s– I really like these treats. They are clean, you know all the ingredients, organic and non-GMO. Unfortunately for us Lola’s allergies don’t allow these food in our home but I highly recommend them.

V-Dog Breathbones– The girls really liked these. I wish we could’ve continued buying these but Lola really is allergic to a lot of things. They come in small or large and you can pronounce all the ingredients! Thats always a plus for me.

Fruitables– This is a brand that I used to love but a few of their products now have ingredients that I am not in favor of. The crunchy Pumpkin Blueberry is still a good one. I suggest exploring their products but be sure to read the ingredients.

Make your own! If you search for “Vegan dog treat recipes” you will find a bunch of options. Have fun with it! Last year we made a bunch and gave holiday bags to all our doggie friends. Here are the ones I made this year and they turned out great!

3 Ingredient Vegan & Grain Free

Grain Free Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Vegan, Gluten Free Dog Cake Recipe – I made these as pup-cakes for my Loli’s birthday and they LOVED them!