“If you can be vegan except for that one thing, be vegan except for that one thing.”  I read this in one of the first books I read and it significantly helped me with my transition. My one thing…!

I love food, who doesn’t? My first month of going vegan I decided to just eat and not worry about what I was eating. I wanted to be sure this was a commitment I was going to keep. So for a month I ate too many oreos, garlic knots, and pasta. I didn’t care how ‘junky’ it was, if it was vegan it was fair game- complete opposite of the paleo life I was used to.

After one month passed I knew this was something I was sticking with so I went back to counting my macros and ensuring I had proper protein and nutrients. This is when I read a long boring book all about vegan nutrition (its listed in the education section). I sometimes struggled because I was always looking to replace the meat on my plate so I tried tons of the highly processed fake meats- but really wasn’t a fan.

After one year of being vegan I finally figured it out. I am back to Paleo mentality with no processed foods and instead of trying to replace my meat- I load up on delicious veggies and sides instead. Instead of eating fake “tuna” I make a chickpea “tuna” salad that is to die for! And after one year my monthly pizza slice is now few and far between, I no longer crave it.

Throughout my journey I have found some amazing restaurants in multiple cities and will continue to explore more.

I’ve also discovered great pantry necessities and recipes I want everyone to enjoy. Click away and come back to check often- I am always exploring new food!