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Adaptability: the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions; the capacity to be modified for a new use or purpose. Adaption is a funny thing. I found myself after a busy social week craving a salad….who the hell craves salad? I’ve never in my life experienced that. But being out and busy sometimes means days… Continue reading Adaptability


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When life gives you brown bananas.

I’ve been going through some personal things lately and have naturally had ups and downs or as they say, peaks and valleys. While I currently sit in a valley I looked over at my overripe bananas on the counter….again! For the past few months I keep buying bananas, not eating them, freezing them, then throwing… Continue reading When life gives you brown bananas.

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Two vegans and 18 carnivores walk into a house….

My bestie had one wish for her 40th….she wanted all her friends to go away together for a weekend, so that we did. We found a house in the Poconos that slept 20 people and 20 people headed up for a weekend celebrating Heather. As you could imagine there was a lot of planning that… Continue reading Two vegans and 18 carnivores walk into a house….