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An almost vegan Easter

When we decided to host Easter Sunday breakfast at 8pm on Saturday the pressure was on to plan a cruelty free but delicious breakfast.

I pulled out all my recipe books, got on my Pinterest boards, and started to scour the internet. Although I am vegan I am the only one in my entire family. When I host I try not to push my beliefs onto others but at the same time take it as an opportunity to show how easy and delicious it can be to eat healthy and cruelty free.

We decided on a green smoothie, fresh fruit, vegan pancakes, tofu muffin sandwiches, and egg cups. Although we found a few egg free recipes for frittatas and such I haven’t found one that I like yet. In fact, all the ones I have tried have ended up in the garbage. My wonderful husband found a recipe that he was ready to give a go but I wasn’t comfortable experimenting on the rest of our family. So instead we went to the store where Randy stood and read the label for EVERY carton of eggs.

When I woke up to start cooking and pulled that carton of eggs out of the fridge it killed me inside. Reading the “cage free” crap and “Happy Hen” images on the carton just made me sick as I’ve seen the truth behind these places. When I opened the carton and saw what was inside, although I still wasn’t happy to support the egg industry, I felt lucky to have a guy spent the time to find the absolute best of the worst. This farm is in Austin where the chickens spend all year outside with minimally 108sqft per bird. They are organic, antibiotic free, and certified humane. I am not naive enough to forget about the beak trimming and what they do to male chicks but as a wife to a non-vegan, sometimes you have to be able to bend a bit and focus on the bigger picture. This was the ONLY non-vegan item in our entire meal and they had some veggie bacon in them too!

On the menu we had:

  • Egg Cups with onions, mushrooms, peppers, and veggie bacon, I did not eat these.
  • A Green Smoothie with spinach, banana, strawberries, blueberries, hemp seeds, and coconut oil
  • Mimosas…..of course!
  • A GIANT bowl of fresh fruit
  • Chloe’s Olive Oil Pancakes with fresh blueberries and bananas
    • This was the first time I made these and they did not disappoint at all! They have orange zest and maple syrup in the batter- just amazing!
  • Tofu English Muffin sandwiches with veggie bacon
    • This was a new recipe that was really easy and very delicious. Instead of the zucchini I added the veggie bacon and some Kite Hill cheese.

Everything was delicious and everyone even tried the tofu english muffin! We all had full bellies and tried some new cruelty free foods. I even caught my father in law reading the Earth Balance butter label as he was so impressed with how good it was!

I love to host and love the opportunity to share great foods with great people. I look forward to more opportunities to feed cruelty free meals to friends and family.



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