Let’s face it….we live on our phones. In fact I’m writing this page from my phone using an app. Apps help us find information faster and more effectively so of course there are a sea of vegan apps. Here are my favorites. If I pay for an app it has to be worth it so majority of these are free.

Happy Cow– This app is a must! It allows you to search for Vegan or Vegertarian restaurants in the area. You can read reviews, view menus, and see a map of how close they are. I’ve found many hidden gems this way when at home and traveling, and it’s free!

Is It Vegan– Day one of being vegan I thought I had a million dollar idea. Like most of my ideas- it was already done. This app allows you to scan labels and will tell you if it’s vegan. I started with the free version but eventually broke down and paid for the ad free version.

Vegan Xpress– Another must! I use this mainly to see what vegan options I have at popular chains. It’ll help you navigate any menu from Applebee’s to Wendy’s. It also have food lists, beer guide, wine guide, and liquor. This one is currently $1.99.

PETA– I’m vegan for the animals. This app allows me to quickly sign letter and petitions fighting for animal rights. It’s free and takes me less than 5 seconds to help stop the cruelty.

Animal-Free– I continue to be amazed at how many names the food industry can come up with to hide¬†ingredients from us. This app is free and allows you to easily find out what Sodium Steroyl Lactylate actually is and if it’s made from animal products.

Cruelty-Free (Leaping Bunny)– Leaping Bunny is a certification for cosmetics, personal care and household product brands which are not tested on animals. They conduct audits ensuring companies meet strict criteria. This is an easy way to see if products are animal friendly, look for the icon on the back. Their app provides you lists of products and allows you to search by company or product. This app is also free.