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Adaptability: the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions; the capacity to be modified for a new use or purpose.

Adaption is a funny thing. I found myself after a busy social week craving a salad….who the hell craves salad? I’ve never in my life experienced that. But being out and busy sometimes means days with just french fries or hot pretzels or sandwiches with little content. Sometimes at concerts or amusement parks there aren’t many vegan options so I take what I can get and am grateful; after all- veganism is my choice so I have adapted.

As I prepared a meal with as many greens as I could squeeze in I started to think about all the adaptation we go through as humans and all I have been through. In the past year I have had to adapt to a whole new life. I have gone from married to single, lost friends, gained friends, moved to a new town with a new living arrangement, got a new boss, and started all new hobbies. I can say after a very long year that I have adapted and am truly happy. The changes have only begun for me but I now know more than ever that I can and will adapt and adjust when necessary- and in the end will always succeed.

As an ethical vegan I often hear people say, “I could never do that,” but I think we underestimate our strengths and adaptability. I went from being a paleo meat eater 3 years ago to an ethical vegan in all aspects of my life- overnight. I learned to adapt my eating habits and my shopping habits. This is just how I learned to adapt to my new town, my new friends, and filling the gap where old ones once were.

My point is this: You can do it, as can I. We have strength within us that many will criticize, try to test, even try to destroy….but when you truly focus and believe in what you are doing- you will in fact, adapt. No matter what the challenge.


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