Mooshoes– NYC and LA based shop that sells all vegan shoes, shirts, wallets, etc. I have a few pairs of shoes from them and really like them all. They have a fair return policy and are very easy to work with. My only issue here is that you can’t filter by shoe size on their website.

Zappos– Man do I love Zappos! Free shipping, free returns and if you are a VIP, which of course I am, you get free 1 day shipping too! You can search “vegan” on their site and can find a few options.

Converse– Just steer clear of their leather shoes but the canvas ones are great!

Pammies– Parting with my Uggs was one of the more difficult transitions for me BUT after watching the undercover footage of what they do to these sheep, no thank you! Pamela Anderson has made her own cruelty-free version of these boots. I was extremely excited when these were announced and pre-ordered my pair for $300, definitely not cheap. I have to be honest, they are OK at best. They are pretty thin and feel very clunky. I am keeping these being they are the best of the worst right now but most likely won’t be purchasing another pair.

Wills London– They have some nice quality shoes that ship from the UK. Their return policy is good and their customer service is great as well.

Toms– You can search their site for Vegan and there are several options available. I own a bunch of these now.

Amazon- Yes, Amazon! Do a quick search and see what comes up. I’ve returned a bunch but I also got my favorite boots from there.

Payless– I am not a fan of their shoes BUT if you are….all of their stuff is vegan.