I have many more places on my list to try and will update you as I do! In 2014 NYC was declared by PETA to be the most vegan-friendly city in America so the list is a long one! Below is what I have found to love so far:

by CHLOE: Located in the village this place has meat eaters craving a return trip. I had the meatball sub, guacamole burger, mac and cheese and cupcakes. Next time I will skip the mac and cheese and go for the fries instead. This is a definite must!

Mamouns Falafel: Best falafel sandwich. Period.

Marty’s VeganĀ Fast Food: This is one of my meat eating husband’s favorite. The original is my favorite, very close to a Big Mac flavor. The Mac & Cheese was also one of the best I’ve had. The wings had the flavor but the texture wasn’t for me.

Cinnamon Snail Food Truck: This food is to die for! The truck isn’t in NYC too often anymore BUT they are opening a brick and mortar in Midtown soon. Don’t bother purchasing the cook book unless you enjoy cooking recipes that take several hours and have 40+ steps to them. I prefer to just let them do the cooking.