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When life gives you brown bananas.

ripeI’ve been going through some personal things lately and have naturally had ups and downs or as they say, peaks and valleys. While I currently sit in a valley I looked over at my overripe bananas on the counter….again! For the past few months I keep buying bananas, not eating them, freezing them, then throwing them out. Today I decided that I needed to change that pattern.

After looking through a few recipes, with the goal of not having to go to the store, I found one on that caught my eye. So I got off the couch and went to baking. I took out my KitchenAid Stand mixer that my grandfather got me a few years before he passed. Thinking about my grandfather always makes me smile, and I did. I got all the ingredients out on the island and started to turn the brown bananas into something delicious.


After about 30 min, 22 in the oven, I now have 12 very pretty and super delicious Banana Crumb muffins. The ugly, brown, mushy bananas became something that I can share with friends and my dog walker to help sweeten their day.

I guess in life you’ll often find yourself with a batch of bad bananas. What you do with them is what matters though- give up and throw it in the trash? Or make some yummy muffins to share? img_2235


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