When I decided to go Vegan I think I purchased and tried just about every vegan product on the shelves. Many went straight to the trash but luckily I found some amazing products in the process. Enjoy!


Earth Balance is a vegan butter that is so good my mom even switched. And it’s cholesterol free!

Just Mayo was a great find for me! I am a mayo fan so giving it up was tough. Veganaise was ok but I preferred to just skip it. Then I found Just Mayo by Hampton Creek. It is amazing, organic, GMO free and delicious! They now also make a few other products- the Thousand Island is wonderful!


(disclosure: I’ve made it a personal mission to find good vegan cheese!)

Chaos cheese has been the best cheese I’ve found so far, and its OK.  Ive heard all Field Roast stuff is good but I haven’t tried it yet other than the cheese.

Treeline is a yummy spreadable cashew cheese that I like for crackers. 

Go Veggie Parmesan cheese is a great replacement for your parmesan. 

Kite Hill Cheese– the cream “cheese” spread is amazing! I love the chive one and they are completely soy free! They also have a ricotta which I’ve had in a stuffed shell from Whole Foods which was super yummy.

Kite Hill Yogurt– this is an almond milk based yogurt. I’ve tried many dairy free yogurts and this one is the best by far. 

Heidi-Ho Cheese cheese can be found at Whole Foods or on Amazon. I like what I’ve had so far with my favorite being the nacho cheese! I made nachos with that and the Beyond Meat beef crumbles and it was delicious!

Miyoko’s Kitchen– I spent a lot of money on these cheeses and ended up tossing it all in the trash. I wasn’t a fan of the flavor or textures and I tend to prefer nut cheeses. If you order from there I suggest starting with just one to start.

Follow your Heart– Made a delicious grilled cheese with this and Earth Balance butter…..YUMM!

CheezeHound Cheese– AMAZING! It is harder to find so your best bet is to contact the owner on the website. They have a fresh mozzarella that you would never know the difference and a Cashevre peppery cheese that I added to pasta with shitake mushroom ‘bacon’ and roasted tomatoes…..OMG!


Beyond Meat Products– We love their Beef crumbles. Ive used them in tacos, shepherds pie, meat sauce for pasta- very yummy. The chicken strips are good too.

Gardein chicken tenders– These are awesome.  My husband eats these all the time! All their chicken stuff is great!

Dr Praegers– has amazing california burgers.  You can actually see the whole pieces of veggies in them.

The Herbivorous Butcher– I have been following these guys for a long time. They are the first meat-free butcher shop opening up in Minneapolis after years of just doing pop ups. They started nation-wide shipping in January so I ordered one of everything to give it a try!


Larry and Lunas ice cream….you will die. Its the best coconut ice cream ever.  You won’t even know the difference.

Hu Chocolate bars are vegan and paleo!

Lenny and Larrys– The complete cookies are vegan and protein packed! I like to warm them up just a bit, especially the chocolate ones. You can order these on amazon.

Speculoos cookies from Trader Joes are a must! Click HERE for a great list to start with at Trader Joes

Lagustas Luscious Chocolates– They have AMAZING chocolates! All vegan and fair trade. The store is in New Paltz, NY but you can order online or purchase at Mundo Vegan in Montclair, NJ


If you are lucky enough to have a Whole Foods- they are great! They have vegan raviolis, pizza, and tons of other options down every aisle. Trader Joes also has a vegan shopping list that you can print online and Amazon sells a lot of products too. All grocery stores have most of the staples now. And remember to visit local farmers markets too!