Shopping was always something I enjoyed. Since going vegan shopping is a bit more challenging as I not only have to look for things that I like but I also have to read every label to see if there is wool, silk, leather, or angora listed. No matter how much I like something if I see those words I put it down and walk away. Here are some places that I shop at and enjoy.

Zappos– Who doesnt love Zappos? Free shipping and free returns! You can search for “vegan” and some items will come up but I prefer to just search for whatever I am looking for and read the materials.

Vaute Couture– I am in LOVE with their stuff. I have yet to visit their Brooklyn location but have a trip planned soon. I have purchased a few things from here and love everything!

Cotton on– This is a cool store. Its easy to shop there because you don’t have to read every label. You can read more about the companies ethics HERE.

Cliff Belts– Handmade in NY and out of sustainable cork these belts are so much cooler than cruel leather belts.