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Cruelty free in 1-2-3

I started VeganAbbey because I wanted to share with people how easy it can be to live a cruelty free life. So I am going to try and share an easy way to be cruelty free every week by sharing with you things I have around my house. These are small things, minor changes that can make a huge difference in the lives of millions of innocent animals. I won’t go into details of what animal testing looks like but trust me, it’s worse than the worst horror movie- and it’s real! 

SO….what laundry detergent do you use? Tide? Woolite? Clorox? What do these all have in common? They torture tiny innocent bunnies and other animals. What do I use? Meyers!  

I tried a few cruelty free detergents before falling in love with this one. I love all the scents and they are environmentally friendly, bio-degradable AND made in the USA! Don’t like Meyers? There are plenty of other options out there.  

So ditch the Tide, Clorox and other cruel detergents that are terrible for everyone and make your next load of laundry cruelty free! Trust me, it’ll never feel better to do laundry. 


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