Reminded with love

After a wonderful but crazy weekend celebrating Mardi Gras we loaded into a cab and headed back to our friends place about 40 minutes away from all the chaos. There we are greeted by my two favorite ladies in Louisianna- London & Sydney   

It’s amazing how good animals are for the soul. I was feeling exhausted and a bit beat up from the weekend but quickly climbed onto to couch for some solid snuggling. It’s as if they knew exactly what we needed- smiles, kisses, and unconditional love. The most genuine kind of love you can only get from an animal.   

It’s for them that I fight this fight. It’s for them that I only buy or eat vegan. It’s for them that I live as cruelty free as possible. Let love like theirs keep reminding me of why I do it. No animal should suffer, all should be able to give love and be loved. A dog is a cat is a pig is a cow is a duck. 

Until next time girls- you know I love you both! Xoxo ❤️


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