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Every girl needs a good pair of flats! 

One of my favorite things about living cruelty free is how I know people are always thinking of me. This sounds narcissistic so let me explain: almost every day I get a post, email, text, or call from someone I either talk to all the time or someone I haven’t spoke to in months. They send me new vegan anything- and I love it. Not only does it mean they’re thinking about me but it means they’re thinking about the bigger picture- the animals, the environment, their health. That makes me happy. 

SO a friend sent me a link to these flats and I think I ordered my first pair in less than 5 minutes! They have tons of options and a handfull of vegan ones. They are based in Beverly Hills but ship for free. Check them out- the vegan ones of course! 😉#noanimalsharmed  


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