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Baby goats, blow outs and bars

Nothing like starting a day with a 2 week old baby goat in the Catskills and ending in NYC for the night.

We were lucky to have a visit from Kathy Stevens, founder of Catskill Animal Sanctuary, during our delicious breakfast at the Homestead. We had tofu scramble, coconut milk pancakes, and delicious banana bread. We were stuffed to the gills when Kathy asked if we wanted to go back down to the barn to see some more animals OR go visit Lilly, the 2 week old baby goat. As if there were even another option we jumped up and said, “BABY GOAT!”

It was a short drive over to the other property where we entered the room that baby Lilly and her mom Edith are. They are separated from the rest of the herd so they can have time to bond. We sat on the floor quietly and just waited. Edith was recently rescued from some horrific conditions so she is still very timid around people but not Lilly! She came out and quickly came over to see what we were about. Very quickly she started to show us her jumping skills and then began to jump on us. She was so playful and adorable- I could’ve stayed there all day.

Eventually we accepted we had to leave and headed out to NYC for the night. When we arrived in the city we got our hair washed and blown out at BLOW where they use all vegan products. We left feeling ready for the night but needed to fill our tummies- so where else to go other than the new Cinnamon Snail brick and mortar in The Pennsy. There I had a beastmode burger that was topped off with jalepeno mac and cheese, need I say more? Heather ate her first vegan burger and loved it!

With our compassionate bellies full we met our other girlfriends and the night began!


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