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Thank you, Capital Grill?

You may find it strange for a vegan blog to be thanking a national steakhouse chain but its not a typo. Like many vegans I am alone in my group of friends and family so sometimes going out with a group can be a challenge. I’ve been out where my only option was a salad, dry baked potato, and even once ate a plate of just sauerkraut, ( I actually thoroughly enjoyed it too!) Like many people, including myself a short time ago, my friends enjoy steakhouses.

When it was decided to have a birthday dinner at Capital Grill Steakhouse in Paramus, NJ I was ok with that. Typically they prepare for me a tofu dish with pasta or veggies which is delicious but I was growing sick of that. I reached out to the amazing manager there, Mo, who’s response was, “the chef will work on something special for you!”

We arrived to a delicious plate of bruschetta, half with cheese and half without for me. I had no clue what my dinner would be but was grateful for whatever came out. What came out was the most delicious stuffed pepper I ever had! Stuffed with tons of veggies, some rice, and a red sauce with a slight kick to it- it was amazing. Chef Alan came out so I could properly thank him with a hug and he assured me he is always happy to come up with creative dishes for me and already has the next one in his head! The dish was so good I forgot to take a picture before digging right in!

Kudos to Capital Grill, a steakhouse, for preparing for me one of the best vegan dishes I’ve had to date! Thank you for being so accommodating and open minded and thank you for my yummy leftovers for lunch!

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